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There might as well not be any side or rear view mirrors on cars here in St. Louis. People either ignore them or dont know how to use them! I cant count the number of times on the highway that other people have just put on a blinker and immediately began to change lanes, without noticing that I am RIGHT in the path of their vehicle. Ive had 1 speeding ticket and 1 accident in the last 8 years. The speeding ticket was because I got caught passing a driver in the far left lane doing 45 (I was a little frustrated and apparently 75 was a little too much speed to get away with while passing lol), and the accident was when I T-boned an elderly man and his wife in the rain when he pulled out of a gas station about 100 feet in front of me, trying to beat traffic to get to a restaurant across the street! I hit him doing 40 in a 45, and he and his wife were unhurt. I, on the other hand, had lacerations to my forehead, a fractured eye socket, and internal bruising. WITH my seatbelt on, and airbags!!

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