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Originally Posted by aljurgela View Post
Had been looking for this one for quite some time... It is not his rookie, but it is just beautiful... The Stagni Pettazzoni Meazza...
Meazza is probably the greatest Italian footballer of all-time; at least in terms of his impact on the game.

You almost certainly know but, in case not, the stadium colloquially known as the San Siro (where both Milano clubs, Internazionale and AC Milan, play) is officially known as the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium - in was names in his honour in 1980, a year after his death.

In practice, Inter fans tend to call the stadium by its official name as Meazza is a genuine legend of the club. However, AC Milan fans typically still call it the San Siro, and even the AC Milan club hierarchy tend to do this also. Whilst he did spend some time playing for AC Milan, it was at the very tail-end of his career and he is inevitably much more strongly associated with Inter than their city rivals.
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