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Default Brooks autograph

Originally Posted by Yastrzemski Sports View Post
You are definitely looking for a unicorn. For a long time it has been thought of as forbidden to have a card signed and that has only changed in the last 10 years. Thatís why signed Puckett rookies are so rare. Good luck on the search. Iím sure itís out there but may be very difficult to find.
Yes; I believe youíre right that Iím looking for something that there are a relative few.

Iíve been collecting Brooks for some time now and itís only been a year or so that I started this run. I saw a few of those single player collector signed runs and thought it would be a fun side project and it has been. The problem was I was a bit hasty when I first started and picked up a few that Iíd like to upgrade.

Thanks for the feedback!
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