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My absolute favorite Topps set is outside this era - 1978; it was the first set I ever collected and to my mind will always be cardboard perfection.

IMO the best from this era, in no particular order, are:
1) 65 - love the pennants and bold colors on the front - just feels like what a baseball card should look like;
2) 67 - big photo surface area, sharp looking hi numbers
3) 72 - just finished upgrading my set; it would be better if the lower series had the crisp clarity that the 2 hi series have in both design and photo; I've always been curious as to why the stark difference in appearance exists between the lower and higher series in this set
4) 74 - can't understand the hating on this set - colorful design elements, great action shots
5) 57 - nice big photos unencumbered by intrusive border or other designs

1) 68 - nuff said
2) 70 - nothing says fun like the color gray
3) 73 - after 72, what were they thinking??
4) 71 - I will never understand why this set seems to be so revered by so many; when people praise it they often talk about how the black borders make it such a challenge to collect in higher grades as if it's a perk; for pure collectors like myself the black borders are a curse - driving the cost up on drab looking cards
5) 75 - another set that seems to get a lot of love for reasons that elude me. As a kid it was brutal sorting by team when all the bloody borders within each team varied so wildly
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