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Due respect but 78 is yawn-inducing, and 79 may be worse. I like colorful cards, so would again give much love and support to both 75, and (the best set of the decade) the mod-squad looking 72s. I hated them as a kid who had first started collecting in the 1980s, but love them now.

Older than that I will also voice opinion for colorful over popular. In this regard, 58 and 61 Topps are high on my list. Yes, the backgrounds could be be considered dull on 1958 as compared with the 57 Topps photos, but truth is the color for the photography on that set was all over the place, and many cards are drab and boring looking to me, with the faded-out background taking up most of the card. At least with 58 the color pop is right there. 61s get no love because of the missing caps and sometimes boring as all get-out portraits, but there are a number of super colorful cards that just speak to me. Eddie Mathews, Duke Snider, Yogi...and the Aaron base card from that set is an under appreciated work of art, IMO.

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