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Originally Posted by Zone91 View Post

I made a last minute change and upped for the 52 Mantle....did not want to say it here since you guys already think am I kind of crazy.

The Dunlop is a great card but that specific one had sold for a little over 6200$ a few months ago (probably a real good deal for the buyer)...I was not going to spend 12 500$ on it (yes it is probably worth over 10 000$ but not to me). I told the seller....same guy that sold me the 52 Topps Mantle.

Buy a card over 10 000$ and you will see your mind will play games on you as is a lot of have to make the right buy....EVEN if that means changing your mind a few times. I would have NOT have done so if it was 2 separate sellers.

In the end it made me realize I am going to stick with baseball cards no matter what now and in the future.

If I had not got the 52 Topps Mantle I would have not been happy in the end...and I am very very happy with the Mantle. I will always cherish the Mantle as part of my collection I would have not had the same felling for the Dunlop after a few months maybe (Probably) less.
I agree here. Personally, I think the Mantle was a better buy than Dunlop especially since you've always wanted one.
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