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Originally Posted by Forever Young View Post
I would rathe rhave a beautiful midgrade(centered/good color) than a high grade that I am unsure of trim job, soaked, ironed or touched up in any way.
I second that sentiment all the way. I love buying lower or mid grade examples of a card that usually commands silly money in high grade. I especially like my older cards to look the part; I'm naturally wary of any very old card that is in very high condition. With those mint and gem examples, in general I will always wonder if an expert doctor slipped one past the goalie. Also, I prefer a low grade card whose value is tied directly to its being low pop across all grades to a high grade card which costs the same, but the value is all in the grade/condition.

Regarding Zone's post, I wonder though if by "mid grades" he really meant "half" grades.
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