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Default 1999 Skybox Molten Metal (Player's Party Box/Super Bowl Set) value?

I found a set for sale, but I have no clue what it's worth. It's in the original box, but not sealed.

The set is numbered to 2500, and I am having a hard time finding anything about it online. The checklist matches the regular set checklist.

It looks like there's a base set to 151, a millennium gold parallel for the first 125, a millennium silver for the first 125, and the player's party parallel for the first 125. The only difference is the emblem in the corner of the card.

The Kurt Warner rookie is the only rookie in the first 125 cards, and I assume it's the most valuable... but I can't find price comps.

I can't find a page for the set on PSA.

It looks like only 2 of the Warners have been graded at SGC.

And Beckett's terrible site isn't loading for me.

130point and ebay aren't helping.

Does anyone have a clue what value I may be looking at for the Warner card in particular, or the box set as a whole?

This COMC page is the only picture I can even find of the card in that parallel.

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