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Originally Posted by Statfreak101 View Post
OK guys, so I will put this out to the community. Doing some hard research, spending a good amount of $$ to do so.

What is the earliest run of 1989 Fleer (5 digit code) that you have seen, come across, opened yourself, seen someone open, etc.? If so, what version of the Johnson card did you pull?
Iíve seen another post where someone mentioned mid to later November as the earliest case number they had seen. I tried to find it the other day, but there are lots of the past threads regarding these cards on different sites and I couldnít locate it. I have a case from Dec 15th that has the variations in it still.

The error cases/boxes have gone way up in price in just a few years. If youíre going that route I can see spending a good amount of $$. The boxes Iíve opened from this case and other cases contained several different versions, but buying singles from people on EBAy Iíve noticed that some cases appear to have several very similar cards grouped together in them sometimes.
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