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Originally Posted by Statfreak101 View Post
Going through some of my Johnson inventory...

Here are two different "green tint" versions. The one is hard to pick up, but its more shoddy camera work & lighting than anything.

The one thing I noticed. In the one, the M in Marlboro is the other, it isnt. I will try to get a better picture.
Originally Posted by jacksoncoupage View Post
To add to the insanity, I’m convinced that a new variation of the green “scribble” card exists with a very bright, almost neon green “tint” over the white area of the sign. Almost all green scribble cards (and I’ve noted two very distinct shapes of scribble) have a darker green tint/masking to them.
You are both correct. There are two versions of “green scribbles”. We ended up calling them “fish” because of the red tinting around the letters in Marlboro has a fish shape. Both versions have lightly tinted cards all the way to up to cards so heavily tinted they look like other “box” versions. I put 37 cards of one of the “fish” versions together into an album on Flickr. I sorted them as best as I could from lightest to darkest(it’s hard). I don’t have it exactly correct, but you can watch the cards via slide show on there that go from one card to the next and progressively get darker and more tinting. What do you think?
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