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Originally Posted by Hatorade View Post
You are both correct. There are two versions of “green scribbles”. We ended up calling them “fish” because of the red tinting around the letters in Marlboro has a fish shape. Both versions have lightly tinted cards all the way to up to cards so heavily tinted they look like other “box” versions. I put 37 cards of one of the “fish” versions together into an album on Flickr. I sorted them as best as I could from lightest to darkest(it’s hard). I don’t have it exactly correct, but you can watch the cards via slide show on there that go from one card to the next and progressively get darker and more tinting. What do you think?
Thank you the link. And scanning all of these!

Do you have a link for the other green scribble version? The 36 pics show variations in darkness, as you mentioned, but all seem to be the same “shape” of blackout ( top of LB visible ). There is another shape, more like a deflated pyramid that includes the top of the LB in Marlboro as a sort of peak to the black coverup shape.
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