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Originally Posted by jacksoncoupage View Post
Thank you the link. And scanning all of these!

Do you have a link for the other green scribble version? The 36 pics show variations in darkness, as you mentioned, but all seem to be the same ďshapeĒ of blackout ( top of LB visible ). There is another shape, more like a deflated pyramid that includes the top of the LB in Marlboro as a sort of peak to the black coverup shape.
Yeah that was just the album for the red circle version of the fish. Iíll try to get the no red circle version posted soon that youíre referring to. I havenít worked on the cards for a little while, but I think I have most of the images of the other fish version already mostly sorted and Iíll just need to upload them. It will still take me a little while as I have to crop the images on Flickr.

Just looking at the first few images of some of the non red circle versions of the fish, I think I found some of the cards you mentioned last night. The red scribbling around the letters in Marlboro is vibrant red and the green tinting is very light and an almost neon color mixed with the white background of the ad. You can see the rope in the Marlboro Manís hand the green tinting is so light in one of the cards. Iíll post a link on here when itís up.
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