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Default Who The Hell Is That? Unidentified Boxing Photo Thread.

Well, I have a bin of a large stack of unidentified boxing photos I've accumulated through the years. Every once in awhile I go through it to see if any of the images ring a bell in my head, that for some reason didn't, last time I looked at it.

I imagine anybody who collects/accumulates boxing photos, has a similar pile.

Sometimes I embarrass myself that I missed a photo earlier, they are so obvious. Pulled out 3 today, I finally figured out. 2 were HOF'ers (Pedro Montanez, Tex Rickard) I should have recognized, and the 3rd was a press photo for a couple of more obscure 1930's boxers that had their last names scrawled on the back and a date stamp, that made their ID's easily searchable on Boxrec.

Anyways, hoping this thread serves as a place anybody can post a boxing photo that has you stumped, and then everybody else can pull their hair out, trying to figure out who they are.

Here's a couple possible Dana type photos to start it off. These would probably date somewhere in the 1904-1915 era. Both picture announcer Billy Jordan (the older Gentleman who looks slightly like John L.). He's the only one I'm sure about in each photo.
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