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Posted By: jim

Hi Clint,I had never seen it before either. It was in an REA (or Mastro) auction last year buried in along with 100 or so other premiums. I knew there was a large premium of WaJo without his shirt and the byline talking about his expensive arm, but I never knew about this one. SO I had to pay dearly to get this premium. But it was worth it. Some of the other large premiums have a numbering system (1 - 7) on the left hand side. I just picked up Matty, Wagner and one other like this. Interesting, the Matty is completely different pose from the other large type Matty I have, while the Wagner is the same pose (but different first name listed) as the non-numbered Wagner. When i get some time, I should post the non-numbered and numbered large type premiums. The Federal League large type premiums are also extremely hard to find. Great stuff though!

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