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What Dustin said.

I'm slowly grading a few cards, mostly prewar, and mostly the really nice ones or the special ones.

I think postwar commons need to be either really tough in high grade, or really very nearly perfect to be worth grading. The stars and probably some high numbers it's probably worth it in the long run.

I figure I know cards pretty well. I might do ok selling them ungraded, but would probably not get top dollar.
My wife knows something about cards, and if it was a critical need, she could probably figure out which to get graded.

But unless my kids get into cards or at least pay attention, they won't have any idea. And at that point having them graded will make things much easier as a buyer would have fewer concerns about alterations or the card being real.(Yeah, they all botch a few, but the top three are usually right. )

Steve B
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