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Originally Posted by shagrotn77 View Post
Makes you wonder if some of these high $ spenders are just uneducated (in regard to alterations) or just don't care. Those Luckmans are clearly small.
Many were blindsided when the Blowout expose started in early 2019, and some whose cards were revealed to be trimmed demanded refunds from either PSA or PWCC. Some responded back to my messages informing them that they didn't care, were just buying for the flip/registry. Some chalked it up to "well, many just got cut short at the factory" excuse. Until I pointed them to the thread and they saw just how many got cut down by the same group of PWCC bubbas.
There are probably 20 sets that are completely destroyed including early Leafs, Parkhurst Hockey, Look-N-See, etc that a large percentage went under the knife because "3rd party (impartial) grader" PSA was either incompetent or complicit in the fraud.
PWCC: The Fish Stinks From the Head
PSA: Regularly Get Cheated
BGS: Can't detect trimming on modern
SGC: Closed auto authentication business
JSA: Approved same T206 Autos before SGC
Oh, what a difference a year makes.
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