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Thanks for this thread - so many wonderful cards pictured!

For the Mount Rushmore of soccer cards I would select the following:

1902 Wills #37 Billy Meredith
Soccer cards have as rich a history as that of any other sport and thus one would be remiss to not include at least one Pre-War card. The 1902 Wills set was the first soccer only issue and Meredith is the most iconic figure from the era. Although G.O. Smith or Steve Bloomer may have been better players, Meredith is the one who starred for both English titans Manchester City and Manchester United, was involved in an infamous bribery scandal, and helped start the Professional Footballers Association. This is also Meredith’s most widely recognized rookie card and shows him in a City shirt as opposed to a the suits other players in the set are photographed in.
1958 Quigol #109 Pele
Pele is the greatest name in football history if not the greatest player and this is his most valuable rookie card. It is also arguably his most attractive RC due to the “net” and “ball” design - quite an attractive piece for the era!
1977 Futbol Discs #11 Diego Maradona
Alongside Pele, Maradona is considered the greatest player of the 20th century and this is his first card, showing him as a member of the Argentinos Juniors Club with his iconic mane. It is a scarce and unique issue.
2004 Panini Megacracks #71 Lionel Messi
If anyone could surpass the towering legacies of Pele and Maradona, it is Messi. This is his most attractive and valuable rookie card, featuring a solid design and a captivating image of Messi dribbling on his lethal left foot.

Honorable mention: 1946 Monte Cudine Discs Alfredo Di Stefano
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