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Originally Posted by Peter_Spaeth View Post
I don't know if soccer rookies are defined as tightly as other sports but isn't Cruyff's rookie the 1967 Palirex? Not saying anything negative about the Sicker Verlag, I paid a lot of money for one myself.
A good time for my first post as I've been looking at which Cruyff rookie to pick up down the line.

Isn't the Palirex collection from the 68/69 season as it features all the teams taking part in the 68/69 European Cup? There is no way they would have known who all the champions would be at the start of the season in 67. For example Juventus were Italian champions in 66/67, Milan in 67/68 but Milan feature in the collection. Likewise both Manchester clubs feature as Man Utd were European Champions in 67/68, Man City English champions in the same year so they both qualified for the 68/69 European Cup. That would mean the earliest it could be from is May 1968?

I saw the Sicker Verlag Bundesliga ASSE 1968 album has a fixture list in the back of the album that has all the results from the first half of the season & lets you fill in the results for the return fixtures from January on. That would mean the earliest it could be from is January 1968?
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