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Default Cruyff Rookie Variations

Hey everybody, I have noticed a variation on the 1968 Bundesliga-Asse Sicker-Verlag cards. It relates to the back. If you notice on the scans below, one has a line that extends all the way across the card and the other has a break in the line, presumably so that the two card panel could be cut into the individual players and still have complete information (year and maker - though there is no perforation to make the "cut").

It appears to me that the "full line" version is much more difficult to find, but I would like to know what versions fellow collectors have to prove (or disprove) my hypothesis. I imagine that they first started with the full line version and realized that the company information and year was only on one card if collectors decided to cut them and improved this for subsequent runs. I have no proof of this, but it seems to me what would make sense.

Thanks in advance.
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