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Originally Posted by Copa7 View Post
The Casanova series is another that span over several years so the issues are always under debate.

As for the SCG card, it's sort of stupid to generically label as an unknown Yugoslavian issue and then stamping it authentic on the same slab. They should just admit they don't know.

Both are excellent additions to your collection. Well done.
Yes, It is a bit of a question and maybe there were other years. Since Jager's final year was 1927, 1926 would not be too far off. I have some boxing cards and they are equally amazing. I just love this issue.

I think that the Yugoslavian issue thing is fine. I have spent years looking for data on the albums of war torn former Yugoslavia without much success but frequently it is possible to tie down a year based on other cards on an issue, so if you know the year and you know the country, I am fine with "Yugoslavian Issue"... does not bother me at all.
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