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Originally Posted by BobC View Post
Exactly right. There are three different versions of this card, and this yellow frame/orange background one is the most common at 300 cards supposedly produced. And given the manufactured rarities they produce today, I don't view 300 of something as particularly that rare.

And like you, in the past I've seen these consistently going in the $300-$400-$500 range. Given the recent market surge and all, and the fact it is a Wagner bat relic and T206 image, I could see if these were maybe starting to go for double what they were, but suddenly going something like 15X-20X previous prices.....WOW! And like you said, the other two versions are even rarer.

Makes me wonder what the Cobb bat relic card from this 2002 Topps 206 set would go for nowadays. There's only the one version of that card (with a "bat off" T206 image), but you never seem to see one of those come up for sale at all.

I'm not 100% certain, but is that 2002 Topps Wagner relic card the first ever GU bat card for Honus ever produced? If so, maybe that helps explain the suddenly crazy price for it. Maybe it is being viewed like his GU rookie card. Never even thought about that before, but could that become a new collecting thing, collecting the very first GU cards issued for a particular player, and treating it like another type of rookie card?

Maybe they are getting hot Bob, I haven't been paying much attention to them lately until your post and I see one went for $1026 in an auction on ebay in march and there was another one that had a starting bid of $250 with an $850 BIN in march that someone hit the BIN on. And there's this one up for auction now that's already at $2,250

A Cobb bat card sold for $543 back in February so it would be interesting to see what one would bring now.

I have this Bazooka back that's #d to 30 that I pulled from a pack when they originally came out. I want to keep it but if they start trending like the bat card I might have to part with it.
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