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I had a factory 86 Topps set that was unsealed years ago, seemed untouched until I organized it...not that long ago...had 4 cards missing. I just figured through the years someone took them out...maybe they had been missing the entire time.

A couple months ago I bought 88-90 Score factory sealed sets (88 was not) and the 89 set was missing two cards. I paid like 5 bucks for the set, and then 2 bucks for the missing cards! Kinda funny really...

The worse was last year...I actually bought a sealed 88 Donruss set for my binders. As everyone knows, those sets come with "packages" of 50 or so making up the set. Super frustrating...after opening each package there were like 4 or 5 cards with wrinkles in them due to being wrapped so tight! Fricken 5 dollar set and it wasn't mint. I was able to replace them from my boxes of junk wax I stashed...I guess just for this reason...and wasted valuable minutes of my life making sure my 88 Donruss set was mint. Wow.
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