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Originally Posted by Jenx34 View Post
Anything specific you could tell me to look for? I know NOTHING about GPK or anything non-baseball, and know very little about baseball cards post 1987.
The cello-like pack in the middle with Nasty Nick on the front could be a complete set of 88 (1A/1B - 44A/44B) from the first series. If they're in NM condition, figure at least $5 each plus $30 each from the #1s and #8s. If they would grade PSA 10s, could be a whole lot more. I'm sure they are already gone if you didn't go the first day it opened.
Don't waste your time on the 2nd and 3rd series. Cards are plentiful and worth less than a buck each.

Those Fax Pax World of Sport sets have some interesting Hall of Fame rookies from tennis and boxing that would be worth mining for PSA 10 Set Registry folks.

The Topps vending boxes (blue with "Picture cards" on front) look to be from 1987, and I wouldn't waste time on them. However, the cards in the plastic holders that say "All Star Fanfest" could be worthwhile depending on what year they're from. Again, set registry guys would be looking for high-grade rarities for their Player collections. I would bet the ACC boxes are this set:,sr,i100 So you would have some Michael Jordans within the UNC team cards.
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