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Originally Posted by Griffins View Post
I've been skipping parts that seem a bit too crazy as well- SSP's, gum stains. when Alex Gordon with the middle entirely cut out was going for $200 I decided to chose for myself at what point to call the set complete.
Topps did not have a choice on the Alex Gordon cards. They printed them and then oops were not able to put them into packs. And they had to be extra careful in that period because the 1st "contraction" from the licensors had just occurred. Donruss/Leaf/Playoff -- which we know today as Panini had lost the right to print baseball cards in 2006 and the last thing Topps needed was an excuse for someone to show they had goofed up royally.

Oh as to the overdoing of the parallels, to borrow a comment I hear from my friends at Panini with some frequency when I complain about their parallels; their focus groups tell them to make sure there is something in every pack and parallels are cheaper to print than anything else as the photos are already paid for.

So some of the parallels we don't like -- other collectors love.

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