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Originally Posted by ejstel View Post
Has anyone opened any of the Heritage boxes from 2017 and below and received the mail in card for the autos? I believe they out them in some early print packs...or maybe I am mistaken.

As I understood it, they expire after 2 years. I was thinking to get a few older boxes from 2015 and before but would be sick if I received a mail in superstar auto/relic but it was expired. Maybe it is also me hoping /chances as I have never received one of these mail in cards after thousands of packs.


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I once was told that if you receive a mail-in card that you might not get the card advertised, but that they usually still send a replacement. I was told this probably in the early 2000s. Don't know if it's still true or not. But it's still worth sending it in if you get something!

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