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Originally Posted by Cliff Bowman View Post
I got TCDB to remove a handful of cards that were photoshopped, one was a 1979 Kellogg’s Pete Rose variation with the ‘P’ logo and the 33 triples error. It doesn’t exist, the 33 triples error can only be found with the two Quaker kids logo. Someone photoshopped another 3 on a correct back.
This 100%.

And I do not believe that any of the three in the OP post exist. I Have a vague memory of selling the Chiamparino in 2005ish but I could be wrong and misremembering. The Valdez is one that I believe TCDB shows a photoshopped pic. I’ve bought out thousands of this card sight unseen for over a decade now and can’t confirm a single collector owning one.

Same thing for the 1990-91 Hoops Terry Porter without NBA logo on back. Also a photoshopped pic on TCDB.
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