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Default 154 F-50 Yuenglings at PA estate sale today

Posted By: Keith O'Leary

I said to Zach before the battlin started...."If one of us gets that first high bid for $1000 a sheet, we'll just take them all and split em down the middle some how after the smoke clears". Didn't work out that way, but with the exception of Peck, I think everyone that had an interest in the cards walked away from the auction happy.

Afterwards, Zach and I met a guy that was working on a Tharps set as well as a Yuengling set, a Yuengling family member who is 4 cards shy of a set (needed both #48 and the Ruth), and a fellow who just collected vintage Yuengling related items, and in addition to seeing Zach, I had the pleasure of meeting his grandfather too.

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