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Default sale find

I went to a estate sale today because it looked to be pretty good from some of the pics i saw online. Sometimes i find old ball cards or baseball related items if it looks like alot of paper at the sale.

I was going through some of the books in boxes and noticed this cool book called The Buffalo Are Running and i thought to myself damn whoever the illustrator is they are very talented as i flipped through the book, it kinda reminded of Charles Russell in a way. I put the book back in the box and kept searching.

On one of the tables inside i found a box filled with folders and all kinds of documents and typical letters that have no value and then towards the bottom was a drawing and i thought man this looks familiar and it hit me, the drawing was actually the front cover of the book, behind the drawing was a yellow envelope that had all the illustrations to the book. I sealed the envelope and put everything back and hoped no one would find it.

Well bidding started and i got the book for 1 dollar. When the box got put up with the drawing and illustrations i won it for 20 bucks. The illustartor is E.F. Miller and i think it could be Frank Miller who later went on to be a famous illustrator for Marvel Comics, his wife Edna Miller wrote many books in regards to Mouskin and is also a great artist in her own right.

There were a few 33 Goudeys in the sale and i won them for a little of nothing so all in all it was a fun day. Here are some pics of the book and illustrations, i think baseball cards and indian memorabilia go hand in hand so maybe some of you indian fans will enjoy looking at this.
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