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Late in the fantasy football season a few years ago I was fighting for the last playoff spot and desperately needed a win to get in. I was heading out of town, so I had no choice but to finalize my lineup on Saturday night. I checked all the on-line forecast sites for the games my players were in, and seeing there was no inclement weather expected, I decided my best bet at QB was Matthew Stafford going against the Iggles. Sunday afternoon came and I was finally free, so I put on the TV in the hotel room and what did I see?? The game in Philly was buried in an absolute blizzard. It looked like I was watching a live video feed from the ice age in Siberia. The forecast absolutely screwed me as Stafford only got about 5 or 6 points, instead of his usual 25+. I lost by a mere handful of points, didn't get into the playoffs and have cursed weathermen ever since.
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