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Thumbs up C-52 info

Well thanks for the welcome and the information Dave and Scott. Thanks to your help only (3) to figure out #60, 82 & 91 and continue to keep my eyes out for double printed numbers in the early series. My gut tells me the MIA numbers will be; Fred Herreshoff GOLF, Alfredo de Oro POOL & Charles Weston POOL - just a hunch as they are the only golfers and billiard players not yet represented.

Since you mentioned a lot that recently sold I took a peek to see what was out there on evil Bay and noted your postings Scott. Though I have nearly 600 T-218's in my master collection I still need about 60 cards in the Imperial Tobacco set with the Boxers, Smith, Tippett, Riley & O'Callaghan on my list. I may take a stab at the Boxers and Golfer but am less likely to go for the larger lot that would result in plenty of dupes.

Speaking of dupes I have hundreds of T-218's available if anyone is interested - I mostly like to trade (I'm an OBC & VCT member) and I'm still searching for a few "commons" for my Master set. Filling out the 30 or so Tolstoi's I still need is more likely to consume the remainder of my time on earth, but I'm shooting for another 40 - 50 years so it could be possible (especially if I hit the lottery).

Thanks again gentlemen - I hope my initial listing helped you fellas out and I appreciate your assistance as I near closer to completion of the "fact finding" mission I've been on for quite some time now - BE WELL!!!!
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