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Originally Posted by btcarfagno View Post
Does anyone know of a definitive master checklist for the T218 series of cards? I have a bunch of Honest Long Cut backs that seem to fit the description of series one backs but are not listed on the series one list of cards at the top of this thread. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could lead me to a master checklist, or at a minimum a definitive series 1 checklist. Series two is easy (they all say Series #2 on the back) and series three are all Mecc and start with "series of champion..." on the back as opposed to the series one Meccas that say "Champion athlete and...".

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hey Tom - sounds like your Honest Long Cut backs are likely T219s and not T218s. They use the same images but the T219s are narrower. There are no T218s with HLC backs.
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