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Anthony and Adam,
Thanks for replying. Maybe if we all combine our data we can figure out how all these backs fit together. Anthony - I do have a list of all the cards I own as well as many I've seen on EBay or other sites. I'd love to exchange lists with you sometime. Adam - I've added all your data to my list and most of it seems to fit pretty well. Up to now, I've looked at 1000s of cards and never seen any that had both a Mecca and Mecca II back, but 4 of your cards would break that pattern (Gans, Johnson (side view), O'Brien and Walsh). Could you check those again and verify them? I'm sure it's possible since there are cards that have both Hassan and Hassan II backs. With 153 cards and several back variations, you'd have to look at a lot of cards to get the whole picture.
I'm also taking data on the C52 set and the Tolstoi backs. It looks like only cards with Mecca II backs are in the Tolstoi set (so far).
If you guys are interested in what else I've found so far, I'd be happy to share.
- Dave
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