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OK - I think I've finally collected enough data to make some observations about the T218 cards. There are 153 cards in this set, so it would be nice if they split evenly into 3 groups of 51 cards. I think they do! Here's what I see so far:

Group 1 (51 cards) - These cards come with only a Mecca 1 and Hassan 1 back. All of the Mecca cards say "Champion Athlete and Prize Fighter Series" and none of the cards has the Series #2 designation.

Group 2 (51 cards) - These cards all have both Mecca Series 2 and Hassan Series 2 backs. The Mecca cards all say "Champion Athlete and Prize Fighter Series" as well. For some unknown reason, 21 of these cards also come with a Hassan 1 back (but no Mecca 1 back) and 6 other cards come with all 4 backs. All of the Tolstoi cards come from this group. I've found that there are 50 Tolstoi cards (the 49 listed in the original post plus Mike Sullivan). Only the green Jack Johnson card is missing (anybody out there got one?).

Group 3 (51 cards) - These cards all have a Mecca back (no series #2) but they all say "Series of Champion ..." instead of the "Champion Athlete ..." phrase that is on the Group 1 and Group 2 cards. The 11 track guys in this group have 2 different backs. The 4 aviators and 11 track guys have "Series of Champion Athletes" backs. The same 11 track guys and the 11 boxers in this group have "Series of Champion Athletes and Prize Fighters" backs.

So, if you really wanted a complete set with all the backs, you would need close to 300 cards.

I'm still looking for a handful of cards (see a previous post of mine), so if you have any of those please let me know. Thanks for all the help!
- Dave
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