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Originally Posted by jb217676 View Post
Still not on the "Bobby" Boucher train? My son and I call him Bobby Boucher because he was basically the Raptors water boy when he joined the Raptors. Not the water boy anymore, check out these stats from his last 5 games in limited minutes:

20 PTS - 9 REB - 2 BLK
25 PTS - 10 REB - 2 BLK
20 PTS - 8 REB - 3 BLK
15 PTS - 6 REB - 6 BLK
23 PTS - 10 REB - 3 BLK

Found this "Googling" around: has anyone ever won 6th Man, Defensive Player of the Year, and Most Improved Player in the same season? Boucher could.

Boucher still does not have a standard issue card since he joined the league but he does have a few autograph cards and there bringing some good $ right now.
I don't normally collect basketball cards, Jeff, but you talked me into it.
Just keep in mind, if this guy's stock and his card value plummet, I will be looking for a full refund from you.
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