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Default 2002 Joe Mauer 206 Autograph

Hi all,

I’m thinking about moving my raw 2002 Joe Mauer Bowman Chrome Auto to the “will eventually sell” category. I’m a big Joe Mauer fan and love the guy but there are a few reasons for wanting to sell the card. In its place I’m thinking of buying a raw 2002 Topps 206 framed Joe Mauer auto card. Eventually I think Joe gets into the hall of fame, it may take some time but I think he crosses that threshold. His cards would most likely garner the most value around that time, so I’d hold on to the Chrome till then. However, I have an opportunity to buy the 206 auto for $50 right now and would like to know if that is a good price? I see some graded ones with asking prices from mid $300 to high $600 and other raw examples asking $150-$200. How realistic are these prices and can I expect them to hold? Would that $50 on a raw example be a good investment? Any and all feedback welcome!

Thanks so much and stay safe!
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