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Originally Posted by strohman99 View Post
The Vintage Hockey Forum was truly awesome! I spoke to Jim at the time that it went down. He didn't know what had happened at the time but he was hoping to get it back up. He was looking for the right person to fix it but it never happened.

To me, the Facebook groups just aren't the same. I do see some of the guys from the VHF, but not all of them. The new groups are more about buying and selling, but I don't see the same kind of vintage stuff that I used to see years ago on the old forum. I have met some new guys though who are serious collectors.
Agreed. VHF was great! Not too many people posted over there, but whenever somebody did, it was worth a read! Facebook, in comparison, does have groups with hundreds or even thousands of members, however, most of them don't know sh*t and don't have sh*t. Sorry if I sound like an a**hole, but it can get tiring looking at $10 commons day after day.
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