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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Well, looks like this hockey forum thread may have some legs to get going.
To try to get back to something like the vintage hockey forum had going.
If someone knows the person who runs net 54 maybe they can see about getting a separate heading under the water cooler section for us.
if this does not happen i guess we can keep replying to this thread with our finds, wants, sales, info, comments, news, etc
I have been asked by a few folks now in pm's, and have now seen this thread, so I am open to giving a dedicated hockey forum a section for a while (at least) to see how it goes. It if has legs and folks post it will stay, if not, then it might go.

If nothing happens the new section can be reverted . Let me look into it.... thanks yawl

UPDATE - edited to add that I went ahead and just changed the least used forum to the hockey forum and juggled some others. Older threads might not carry over but it's a dedicated hockey space....
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