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Default T206 Player Autographs - Examples Needed

I have spent many weeks combing through old auctions and the World War I draft card registry and am having trouble finding scans/pics of autographs for several players in the T206 set. Not surprisingly, most of the missing names are Southern Leaguers, Minor Leaguers and/or those who died young. When I started first posted here, I needed 70, but thanks to all of the great responses, I am now down to just 36 missing!

If anyone has visual examples of any of the players listed below, I would appreciate if you could send me an image. You can PM me, post it here, or email me at

Thanks for your help!

(Last Updated 04-18-2021)

Adkins Doc
Barry Shad
Bastian Jack
Bell George
Burch Al

Carey Scoops
Casey Doc
Cassidy Peter
Cranston Bill
Davidson Paul

Donahue Jiggs
Hart Bill
Hart Jimmy
Helm J. Ross
Howard Ernie

Kiernan J.F.
King Frank
Lafitte James
Lentz (Sentz) Harry
McCauley Pat

McGann Dan
Miller Molly
Nichols Simon
O'Brien Pete
Phelan Jimmy

Poland Phil
Powers Doc
Reagan Ed
Revelle Dutch
Ryan Ray

Smith Carlos
Thornton Woodie
Unglaub Bob
Violat (Viola) Juan
Westlake James

White Foley
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