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Default Turkey Red T3 Cards

Hi All. I hope you all might help me. I recently obtained a fairly large, and nice condition, collection of these cards. There are 16 cards total in the lot, including Thomas, Keeler, Baker, Devlin, Ames, Collins, Kraus, Speaker, Evers, Dygert, McBride, Wilson, Konetchy, Lajoie, Doolin, and Rhoades. They all have very nice corners and bold color. They are mixed backs of checklist and turkey red ads. The Doolin and Lajoie are both exceptional, with the Doolin having a Turkey Red back. I am looking for information on these. I am new to these cards, and am excited about the find. Are any rarer than others? Should I get them graded (and by which company), and what do you think the value of the cards are. I will eventually (probably) be looking to sell them. I just wanted to make sure not to give them away, and I'm sure everyone on the board will know much more about them than I do.
Thank you for all your help. I'd be lost without this board when it comes to "new to me" vintage stuff!!

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