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Just curious as to how many T206 collectors actually spend a lot of their time looking for new print group patterns? I'm always trying to find patterns and cards that don't fit the patterns. Just like today, I started with a blank sheet and wanted to find anything odd about Sweet Caporal Factory 25's. Many probably start at the beginning but I always start in the middle. I start with 350's and then look at what's missing from the 150's and the 460's. I tend to find more patterns by doing it this way. Interestingly, I found that 12 cards were missing from print group 4. After I listed them together, the list looked very familiar. It was the same cards as the 12 that are difficult in Old Mill's and Easier in Hindu's. Although many of us already know about these 12 cards, it's still interesting to start with a blank page and discover how we all got to where we are currently. There are 457 different front Sweet Caporal Factory 25's out of 524 cards.
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