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Originally Posted by aljurgela View Post
I just think that there will be substantially more found when/if word gets out of the value and the TPGs continue to grade them. It is still shocking to me that the VAV number is so low.
This is an important point. I have almost zero knowledge of cards but the more traditional soccer collectibles were incredibly hard to find from Southern and Central America through the 1980s and 1990s which was frustrating for collectors due to the World Cups being held in Uruguay in 1930, Brazil in 1950 and Chile in 1962.

Items such as programs and tickets from those tournaments were incredibly hard to find and when they did come up for auction, commandes high prices.

However, a number of high profile auctions (esp. by Sothebys in London in Q4 1999 which included one of the two finest collections of 1930 World Cup memorabilia) helped to highlight the money that could be made from such items. The result over the subsequent two decades has been a deluge of memorabilia from these regions and focused on these World Cup - some of the memorabilia has been high quality, some low quality and much is fake (esp early poster and tickets).

The net result, unsurprisingly, has been a sharp drop in prices, with the fake items leading to contagion in terms of prices realised for even the very good items with solid provenance.
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