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Default Harry Caray statue

1.) What do you think of the statues that are currently displayed around the Majors either at the ballpark or located in close proximity?

Fewer is better - I’d rather see 3 or 4 historically-important figures than 9 or 10 fan favorites.

2.) What's your opinion of the type 'motion' art-style used in the Walter Johnson, Josh Gibson and Frank Howard statues in Washington?

Not fond of them, though I can kind of see why someone thought it would be cool.

3.) Which statue currently displayed is your favorite?

As a Cubs fan myself, it has to be the Harry Caray statue outside Wrigley, for a couple of reasons:

- people keep putting cans of Budweiser in Harry’s outstretched hand, which seems natural to me.

- if you look near his feet, you’ll see what I can only imagine is a statement on the “middle century” of Cubs history - the souls of generations of Cubs fans, trapped in cheerful despair.

4.) Whose statue would you like to see added to the current group.

It’s not practical, but a statue of Connie Mack sitting in the Athletics dugout for all time would make me smile.
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