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The season is less than halfway over, so some of those players will have better second halves. The one most surprising to me is Chris Sale, because he is having such a bad season. And another under performer is Jacob Degrom. He was unhittable last year, this year maybe a little better than average.

Some thoughts about the season from my perspective: since I spend time in Florida, I've gotten to watch a fair number of Tampa Bay Rays games. Wow, am I impressed. Lowest payroll in baseball, and these guys know how to play the game. Austin Meadows is fantastic and I believe this is his rookie season. If so, shoo in for ROY.

Yankees deserve an award for the best team ever in terms of overcoming almost an entire roster on the IL. I am very impressed by the young kids they brought up as replacements.

And why is the best team so far the Minnesota Twins? I haven't seen them play, but if somebody could explain how they have overachieved to this extent, I would be interested.
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