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Originally Posted by commishbob View Post
Not sure this meets the criteria but David Clyde pitched at my high school while my younger siblings were there. I watched many of his games and he was dominant beyond belief. His mechanics were those of a professional pitcher and if you didn't know better you'd have sworn it was Koufax out there.

Of course, the Rangers rushed him to the majors days after the draft and he never became the player he should have been, for multiple reasons.

It took a couple of decades but his life finally turned for the better.

That's where my nickname 'Clydepepper' originated. I was a local southpaw at the same time.

He pitching briefly and brilliantly here in 1981, but I was working a job that never allowed me to see him.

I did get to see Floyd Bannister when he had a short stay on the way up...his delivery was so, so smooth and Cliff Lee.
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