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Default 2002 T206 Cobb w/ Bazooka back vs. T206 Cobb w/ Ty Cobb back

Posted By: john

that Kiner card mr forrest speaks of is diplayed with all my other Pirates cards including my 3 team set displays from 81-82(topps,donruss,fleer) the first years i collected cards.....i bought some new topps t206 cards,kept the mini(t206 size) cards and im selling the rest,and im trying to get the pirates team set in mini's,got 2 of the 4 so far off ebay. 2002 upper deck vintage looks,they look just like 71 topps and fleer tradition also look nice,looks like a goudey's card so i bought a few packs of each but thats it for newer cards,unless something else nice comes out

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