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Default '48 vs. '49 Leaf

Posted By: Red

Comparing the 1949 Leaf(49 cards) with the 1948 Leaf low series(49 cards)

1948 Lows..3913 graded..918-PSA5..934-PSA6..556-PSA7..263-PSA8..28-PSA9
1949..........1891 graded..537-PSA5..461-PSA6..302-PSA7..162-PSA8..14-PSA9

There's a lot less(48.3%) 1949 cards in comparison to 1948 Lows.
This is due to scarcity or demand and I'd lean towards demand.
A higher % of 1949 cards have been graded in 5 and up than 1948 lows.

1948 HIGHS
Highs compared to 1949 are pretty close in 5&6 but much tougher in 7 and up.
1948 Highs..1957 graded..563-PSA5..457-PSA6..246-PSA7..73-PSA8..10-PSA9

If demand was equal for 1948 and 1949 sets then based on population alone the price for 1949 cards should be about the same as 1948 Highs. In reality the price for 1948 Highs is many times higher so the demand for 1948 cards is much greater. Much of this will be due to the rookie status of 1948 cards and even though the set is much harder due to put together due to the highs it's much more collected.

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