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Originally Posted by Bigdaddy View Post

I always assume '80s Topps factory sets are not complete. I have no idea when they got their act together and significantly bumped up the chances that you'd actually get the full set.

Were the cards in order in the box?
The cards were not in order - they were completely random. Several years ago I bought a sealed Topps complete set run from 1986 - 2009. I would not recommend doing this. So far 86 is the only one that is missing cards (I haven't gone through 1989 - 1991 yet), but the more frustrating problem is the condition of the 1997 - 2001 sets. Many of the cards in those factory sealed sets were stuck together and when they were separated they peeled and chipped to varying degrees. The 2001 set was completely worthless - the cards were destroyed trying to separate them or could not be separated at all. To your point, definitely better off buying hand collected sets.
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