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Originally Posted by timzcardz View Post
Call me a skeptic, but Topps doesn't even say that this is from a bat used by Wagner.

"You just received an authentic
of Honus Wagner
from Topps206."

Granted it may be a "game-used bat" card, and the card is "of" Honus Wagner.
Even if we accept that the unidentifiable piece of wood is from an actual game used bat, unfortunately they don't actually say that the piece was from a bat used by Wagner himself though.

Contrast that to the wording from a 2000 Upper Deck Babe Ruth Legendary Lumber card which states "On the front of this card is an authentic piece of game-used bat used by Babe Ruth in and official Major League Baseball game."
Still a bit of faith required, but UD is at least on record stating that it was used by The Babe.
I hear you, but I'd be real surprised if the Topps 206 relic card was purposely worded like that to deceive people and it was not actually from a Wagner game-used bat. Topps went out and purchased around 4,000 original T206 cards to insert into packs, and did GU bat and jersey inserts for quite a few modern, as well as T206 era players. Why would they spend money for real T206 cards, but then not bother to get legit game used items from the players they were placed on cards with? ALL the GU relic cards, both modern and T206 era players, have the exact same wording. Also, each of the GU relic cards has that sticker, each with a unique number on it, to supposedly help guarantee the legitimacy of the card and relic. I sincerely doubt Topps would go to all that trouble, and risk the bad publicity that would follow, if they really didn't use game used bat and jerseys from the people they insinuated they were from on their cards.

I see how someone could possibly question the wording, but I really think you're misinterpreting the semantics. LOL If Topps really didn't use a legit Wagner GU bat to produce those relic cards, I've got to believe that would have been leaked to the public eventually, which would then discredit them and cast doubt on every other GU relic card Topps would issue from that point forward. Topps definitely would not have wanted that.
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