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Originally Posted by BobC View Post
Pat, I hope so, but I can't see that kind of a sudden price surge though. Those recent sales you noted are where I thought things were at on these Wagner relic cards also. Why would one suddenly go for almost $7K, and not even a graded one at that, and to a person with "0" feedback? And I also saw the other Wagner bat relic card auction you referenced, that is currently running and closes on 5/21. That $2,250 high bid it is currently sitting at is way over the past market for these as well. What you may not have noticed though is that the current high bidder on this second auction ending 5/21 is also a person with "0" feedback. Could it possibly be the same person with "0" feedback that won this other Wagner bat relic card for the $6,901?

Additionally, there also appears to be other bidders on this second Wagner relic card that were also bidding on the one that just ended over the weekend, including the person that appears to have been the underbidder on that first Wagner bat relic card at $6,801. Pretty easy to tell they are the same bidders by looking at the feedback ratings. Too coincidental to have multiple bidders in both auctions with the exact same feedback, right?. So I'm going to be really curious to see how this second auction ends up on the 21st. Both of these Wagner bat relic cards are ungraded, so there is no difference there. But if the underbidder at $6,801 doesn't come back to outbid someone on the exact same card, currently sitting at a third of what they were supposedly willing to pay for it just a week earlier, I'm going to be really suspicious that there was something not quite kosher going on.

Both auctions are with different sellers, with each having over 1,000 positive feedback. So at least on the surface they appear legit. I'm also going to watch the feedback on the winner of the Wagner relic card from last Saturday, as well as the current high bidder on the Wagner that ends on the 21st. They are both currently at "0" feedback, but assuming the auction sale from last Saturday was legit, you would expect that the winner would be required to have paid that $6,901 winning bid long before the second auction ends on the 21st. And as such, you would also expect the seller to pretty quickly give positive feedback for such a big purchase. So if suddenly the feedback on the winner of that first auction jumps to "1", that would seem to further indicate it actually was a legit auction. And if the feedback for the current high bidder on the second auction suddenly goes to "1" also, that would be pretty good proof that the two bidders on both auctions are actually the same person.

But if both of these auctions end with a high bidder having "0" feedback, and neither of them goes to a positive "1" feedback anytime soon after they ended, I'm going to call BS on both auctions as ever having been legit. The only question then would be, what exactly were the people behind this possibly trying to accomplish. I guess we'll have to wait and see how things play out over the next week with this second auction. I actually would love to see these be legit auctions, as I've got an orange background Wagner bat relic card, as well as a red background one, and one of the Cobb bat relic cards as well. Good luck with your Bazooka backed Wagner as well then.

This 2002 Topps 206 set, as well as the following year's Topps 205 set, have always been underappreciated and undervalued, IMO. Especially with some of the GU and autographed cards. And the real T206 and T205 cards that Topps inserted with both those issues are absolutely great. The fact that Topps came up with that unique, modern sized card holder to insert the smaller tobacco cards in, was genius. The look and presentation of them I feel is great, and they do go for a premium over raw T206 and T205 cards.
You might be right about this Bob, The zero feedback bidder has bid it up to 6k now and this one and the one that sold 9 days ago have the same top 3 bidders, the one that sold from $1250 up to the $6900 and this one from $1325 to 6k are the same 3 bidders.
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