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I appreciate the words about my co-host and amigo, Joe. We grew up in the same town, have known each other since Little League.

Each episode is normally 20-25ish minutes, the first half is Joe's and is mostly the modern market. We explore any current daily topics important to the hobby shop owner/online retailer, as well as the customer's side of those same releases, grading industry news etc

Second segment I'm driving the bus and it's 85% vintage and even pre-war sometimes. We talked Croft Cocoa a few episodes back with Anson Whaley. We wrap with "JOE! BUYS! A BOX!" and he tells us which box he is ripping, how much and what he may find inside. I close with my vintage set of the week. I have fudged, somewhat, but extending vintage to 1980 instead of where it likely should be (1973?), but it's more hobby to me than industry, so no harm in including a few extra sets, amen??

Any questions you may have, feel free to ask.

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